Weird Facts About Casinos That You Haven’t Heard Before!

Casinos bring the images of games, gambling, and money to most of us. The tables that surround with people, cards, and drinks that are oblivious in most of the hands are a common perception about the casino. Casinos are often a point of the center for some stories, legends and some myths too! they have always been interesting! But hearing the other side is a little crazy. By default, we think casinos are only at Las Vegas, or the Las Vegas is the biggest casino capital to the globe! Are we right in all these? Though you might not be a gambler, not a player too, taking off some time and reading about such facts that are out of the box are always useful. It helps in refreshing your mind, out of the regular stuff and obviously gives some unknown info; so totally a time worth spent. Read on some Crazy and Weird stuff about Casinos that you surely wouldn’t have heard before!

Vegas Casinos had capitalized on Atomic Testing:

Can you imagine? Yes, that’s true to the core. In 1950’s the US dept of energy began detonating 1000 test nukes at just 65 miles away, in the northwest of Las Vegas. This turned night into day, with spectacular cloudy mushroom like structure appearing. Instead of shutting down the business in the fright, Casinos in Las Vegas started a new theme called “Atomic Bomb Parties’ and had Atomic cocktails and even shows in the same fashion, girls wearing mushroom sort of dresses.

Slot Machine wasn’t seen at a casino first:

Slot machines were mainly invented in 1895 by Liberty bell for his shop, to engage his customers while they waited for their car service.

Citizens of Monaco can’t gamble in their country:

Yes, this country doesn’t want its citizens to get addicted to gambling, hence banned from its citizens playing. They expected to get revenue from foreigners only and used that as a fund for the nation.

Craps come from crabs:

It started with a new game called the hazard, which involved rolling snake eyes, and was called rolling crabs for an unknown reason. with clubbing of French and English players, and the rule of the game changing, a whole new game was started.

The first license to a casino in Las Vegas was given to a Woman:

Las Vegas casino industry weren’t all built by men, but a Woman got the license first. Mayme Stocker was given license for the northern club. It included only 5 games to keep players busy.

Some gamblers pee all over the gaming floor:

Yes, you read it right. Few gamblers are so addicted, they don’t want to go out of their place to even attend nature's call. They do their stinking job, right in the same seat on the gaming floor, and yet never leave the place.

Las Vegas isn’t the Worlds Casino capital

We see many people visiting Vegas and the casinos that are famous. So, many people think that Las Vegas is the ultimate destination for casinos, but that isn’t the actual truth. Macau of China is the biggest in the world, in terms of size, services, games, and grandiosity. Visit once to check the truth!

Casinos are illegal in Japan:

Yes, casinos are illegal in Japan. But the people are so addicted; they have already found a loophole and are allowing themselves to get into a fix. Pachinko parlors are famous. Pachinko is a slot like a machine, used as a game like Starburst™ Slot | Up to 60 Spins + £600 Bonus. This game earns player silver like balls, which can be exchanged for alcohol, toys and so on. It can even be traded outside for money, which is absolutely legal. So, it’s converting black into white, using the most illegal game, turning into Legal!

FedEx was saved by Gambling:

The most sought after courier company, FedEx was almost drowning. The founder saved it by gambling at Vegas, making $27000 in blackjack. The company only had $5000 in its coffers and the founder risked it, making a fortune out of it. Later the company has been doing great, till date!

World’s Smallest Casino is in London:

So want to make a visit? Gear to hear the full story, it doesn’t have an address. Yes! The casino is on the back of a car, a moving Casino, or calls it Casino on the go. The money is used for charity purposes.